Baby Acne

Baby Acne - What Parents Need to Acknowledge About This Condition?


Baby Acne is a common and temporary skin condition that occurs on the face or body of the babies. Parents get worried seeing their babies in this condition. This condition is seen in almost 20% of the babies and it is known as Neonatal Acne too. It occurs in the first few months after the baby is born. The reasons of occurrence are related to the maternal hormones or the hormones of the infants. However, parents are always looking for the remedies on how to clear acne so that their baby’s face or body looks clear and glowing.

Treating the Baby Acne Condition

Although, the baby acne condition is quite usual but it can become worse if not taken proper care. Instead of using harsh treatments, parents need to use mild ones in order to clear their baby’s skin. Let us see a few pointers on how to get rid of baby acne:

  • Wash Your Baby’s Skin with Water and Mild Baby Soap: - Mothers can wash their baby’s skin with clean water on a daily basis. One can also use the mild baby soap that does not contain harmful chemicals. One must not wash their baby’s face or body more than once in a day. Even the parents can use the all-new vegan cleanser from the First Crush Club First Crush 3-in1 that tones, cleanses and treats the skin. Moreover, it will clear the skin deeply and will not cause any rash on your baby’s skin.
  • Do Not Scrub the Skin: - After washing the skin of your baby, do not scrub it just pat dry it with a gentle towel. The baby acne is produced because of the over-active oil glands so the scrubbing will only irritate the skin. For this, the parents can use a soft cloth or a sponge.
  • No Popping or Squeezing of Skin Breakouts: - The parents must not pop or squeeze the pimples, as it will only increase the infection. This will give rise to more problems for your baby. The risk of scarring the skin will also escalate so it is better to avoid doing it.
  • Use a Humidifier: - If your room has dry air then it is advised to use the humidifier that will keep your baby’s skin moisturized. This will help in curbing the growth of baby acne and will prevent it further.

To conclude, baby acne is a normal condition and can be controlled if taken proper care. It is advisable to consult your Pediatrician.