Dealing With The Impairments

How to Deal With The Impairments of Acne?


More than a physical impairment, acne is more associated with psychosocial impact regardless of the age. Of course, the acne causing scars, pain besides the redness and discomfort need not be over-emphasized. The younger generation or the adolescents who are into styling find acne a curse for them and various ways as to how to clear acne. Let’s flip through quickly to find out what impacts the problems associated with acne.

Psychological Impact

    • The high intensity of acne would push the teenagers into depression
    • Effects of acne can cause anxiety among people regardless of age
    • The younger generation will experience low self-esteem
    • Psychological symptoms impair the quality of life
    • Causes emotional pain
    • Poor self-image inhibits psychosocial movement

Anti-blemish Treatment

No doubt, in everyone’s mind, the question that lingers is how to treat acne? First Crush Club realizes the significance of not only treating the acne but also preventing it. You need not opt for expensive kits taking unduly longer duration in treating the acne. 

You can commence with the anti-blemish treatment of First Crush’s product, which is a convenient and one-step all-in-one treatment consisting of a cleanser, toner, and treatment. 

Unlike other products, the absence of benzoyl peroxide in this product ensures no exasperation of the existing conditions. The grape seed extract, which is known to fight against acne in combination with the salicylic acid controls the skin blemishes.

Heal the Scars

The teenagers tend to find out some ‘quick fix solution’ and there are also girls choosing for heavy makeup, including clogging the pores that worsen the problem. 

Another nagging problem of teenagers is how to get rid of acne scar? The 3-in-1 from First Crush Club contains orange peels for healing the scars or any such impairment. The orange peel is scientifically proved to combat in getting rid of acne scar and therefore, the use of All-in-One product can alleviate the problem of acne scar. No doubt, commencing early treatment not only stops further worsening the problem but also in healing the existing scars.

Proper Skincare

When you have acne, you should be careful in selecting the right type of makeup to avoid acne cosmetic. If you notice any bumps especially on the cheek, forehead or chin, you should double check the makeup you are using to avoid such problems.

The first thing to remember is that the skin care product is not universally suitable for everyone. Regardless of the products for removing the makeup, face wash or moisturizes, you can unhesitatingly use First Crush Club’s 3-in-1 product, which acts very gently on your skin without causing any damage.