Is First Crush Safe For All Ethnicities?

All nationalities and skin types have had success with our First Crush 3-in-1 Product.

Is First Crush 3-in-1 safe for teenagers?

People of all ages have had success with our product. Please contact your personal physician if you have concerns about using First Crush 3-in-1. 

 Is First Crush 3-in-1 Solution FDA approved?

Since First Crush 3-in-1 is available without a prescription, it is not required to go through the FDA approval process. First Crush 3-in-1 follows all FDA guidelines for over-the-counter products, and all FDA-approved medications are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities according to very stringent regulations.

When should I expect to see results from using First Crush 3-in-1?

Visible results come within 4-8 weeks on the average. Many of our customers find that a complete clearing of their complexion takes anywhere from 3-6 months. This is achieved through the recommended and consistent use (twice a day) of the 3 in 1. However, if you find that our 3 in 1 has not met your needs, we will be happy to accommodate you with our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.