About Us


Meet the Team: Alex Olivas (COO), Sal Sandoval (Content Creation), Drew Beckley (CEO), Stephen Anaya (PR Manager), Dani Lin (Instagram Manager)
First Crush is the child company of Merlot Skin Care. Merlot and First Crush are distributed worldwide.
Since 2001 Merlot Skin Care has developed gentle, good-for-you beauty products, each packed with the sensational power of natural grape seed antioxidants.  50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and nearly 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C, grape seed antioxidants work to fight against the signs of premature aging created by environmental damage and other factors.
First Crush also utilizes the power of the Natural Red Grape Seed in its formula.  
Merlot is a family-run company committed to innovation and beautiful skin.
First Crush continues the same values as merlot with the tradition of Cruelty-Free,  Made in the USA products.